60 Second Clip N Go Hair Topper 


Hair toppers are the solution to your hair thinning problem. Hair toppers are hair units created specifically to be worn covering the crown area of the head. Many women suffer with various hair and scalp conditions that make it difficult to grow out their natural hair. 

The 60 Second Clip N Go Hair Topper™ makes it possible to remedy your hair loss condition by providing an attractive and affordable hair replacement solution.

Our hair toppers are custom made on a quality custom base to ensure an undetectable experience. Many of our customers have been pleasantly surprised at the durability of the units compared to others they've purchased. Meticulous effort and care are put into the construction of each unit to ensure you experience undeniable satisfaction. 

Our units are durable, long-lasting and are guaranteed to last up to at least 1 year with proper care.

Invest in yourself now with the 60 Second Clip N Go Hair Topper™