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Seasonal changes often wreak havoc on the hair and skin but most people hardly notice the subtle changes that take place with their hair over time. Overlooking key signs and changes in your hair could lead to breakage and/or maybe even hair loss. Below are some key things to keep in mind as you and your hair transition into the new season!

  1. Moisturize your hair daily. Chemically treated and natural hair will require moisture added each day to avoid breakage and to endure atmospheric conditions. Moisturized hair can better withstand manipulation and styling without damaging the hair strand.

  2. Shampoo your hair and scalp often. The hair protects the head but it also absorbs elements from the air in addition to the products used each day. After a few days, the buildup starts to weigh the hair down and cause it to feel heavy and look lifeless.

  3. Clean your scalp. The scalp is a part of the skin. The skin on your body must be cleaned and moisturized often and so must the scalp.. The condition of your scalp will determine the status of the hair strand.

  4. Trim split ends when necessary, recommended every 2-3 months. Trimming split ends will ensure the hair remains healthy-looking. Healthy hair moves grow and compliment the overall style. If split ends are left unattended, the hair strand will eventually break.

  5. Limit heat use. Heating tools like flat irons and blow dryers are dangerous to the hair if used improperly or excessively. Limit your use of these tools to prevent damaging effects like breakage and dryness of the hair.

In addition to the items listed above and most importantly, drink the recommended amount of water and add vitamin supplements to your daily routine. Create a hair journal to document and keep track of the products used, set some goals for your hair. Saying daily affirmations about your hair as you travel along on your hair growth journey!

Ladies where would we be without our hair fixtures and accessories

? I mean, even if you're lucky enough to have the perfect head of hair, who has time to manage it every day? Every woman should have an arsenal of hair accessories from clip-in hair pieces to wigs, we need options! Gone are the days of spending 4 to 5 hours at the hair salon, with busy lives and schedules we need options that save time and money.

I discovered two years ago how versatile, convenient, and affordable hair units could be. I needed something that could take me through the week without spending tons of time and money at the salon and at home with maintenance. And I know you're probably asking, what is a hair topper? Similar to a toupee, a hair topper is a partial hair unit made to wear on the top of the head in the crown area. Hair toppers are typically worn by people who may have experienced baldness, hair thinning, and receding in the top, front area of the head. For many years, men have worn similar hair units called toupees and recently they've even been pegged as a "man weave" I just call them options, and I think that everyone should have them.

I created the "Layla" 60 Second Clip N Go Hair TopperTM because I began to hear from women who had receding hairlines but still had long, healthy hair around the ears and back of the head. They had been wearing scarves and headbands to conceal the missing hair and they want alternatives to wearing those accessories. Layla is the perfect mix because she adds volume and length by wearing a full wig! Perfect for those who need the coverage without their entire head feeling enclosed by wearing a full wig. Layla offers length around the sides and back will only requiring attachment of the base to the area of the scalp that needs coverage. Layla comes in various textures and base sizes which offers a host of options for women who need coverage.

Measurements are very important! If you cannot or do not feel comfortable measuring, please ask someone you trust to do it for you. I have a video outlining the measurement process along with a demo on the website on the "How To" page.

  1. Always select styles that you think you'll feel comfortable wearing. People underestimate the gravity of wearing hair extensions. If you're not accustomed to wearing wigs and other extensions, you're more likely to feel self-conscious while out in public. Choosing something similar to your natural style won't bring as much attention, causing you to feel uncomfortable.

  2. Keep it affordable. Don't go all out in spending when selecting hairpieces for the first time. Try a more affordable option first and then invest after you've made certain it will work for you. Do your research to see what's out there, compare products, read reviews if you're buying online. Only invest in high-price, high-quality products after you've checked all the boxes.

At Styles On Top Beauty, LLC we take pride in providing quality, luxury hairpieces for women with hair loss. We care about your confidence and we take pride in the trust you have placed in our business.

Happy Styling!

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