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3 Styling Tips To Help Thin Hair Look Fuller

You know that feeling…when you see that cute hair style and you know it would change your life! But wait…your hair is too thin to pull it off, too limp to hold the style and it won’t hold a curl at all! Well, there are some simple tricks you can take to pull off the style you’ve been wanting to try on.

As women age, hair typically gets thinner for various reasons but mainly because those hair follicles need a boost! Many issues with hair, nails and skin can be resolved through dietary changes.

While making those dietary changes, there are some things you can do to help your hair look thicker and add volume.

Here are 3 things you can try right away to give your hair a fuller appearance:

  1. Avoid alcohol based styling products. These products make hair dry and dehydrated causing split ends and breakage. Add moisturizing products free from alcohol while hair is wet and let the hair air dry. Setting your hair when drying it also creates more body and helps you avoid using excessive heat which causes further hair thinning.

  2. Blow dry you hair upside down to add volume (height). Try combing your hair in the opposite direction from which it grows, this creates volume and the appearance of fullness.

  3. Cutting layers into your hair will also give the appearance of fullness and give you more styling variation. If your hair is thin but long, cutting long layers will add movement to your hair.

Here’s a bonus tip: Wearing clip-in extensions is also an option for adding fullness. Clip-ins are easily applied and removed from the hair and they add immediate density and an appearance of thickness to hair.

Taking care of the body from the inside will always give you the best outcome. Always consult a professional before taking oral supplements or medications promising fuller, thicker hair.


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