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3 Things You’re Doing To Cause Hair Loss and How To Stop It!

Hair loss has always been a serious concern for women.  Research shows 1 in 3 women will suffer from hair loss or thinning. There are many causes and no two symptoms for hair loss are the same. Causes of hair loss range from genetics to chemical reactions. As humans, there are hormonal imbalances which can trigger responses from the body in the form of hair loss and thinning. We also need to keep in mind that stress is also a huge culprit to hair loss as well as iron deficiency and thyroid issues.

It’s important that as individuals we pay close attention and listen to our bodies. You should always give attention to the subtle signs indicating there is something wrong. Typically, you will begin to see an increased amount of hair shedding or breakage. If you have not had any major lifestyle or health changes, this is a clear indication that something may be wrong.

Have you noticed any hair loss or thinning?

1) If you’ve been placing an increased amount of tension on your hair by wearing extensions or braids, you could be at increased risk for hair loss.

You will want to keep an eye on your hair and be sure to moisturize your natural hair daily. The hair strand can be very fragile, but it is especially fragile if it becomes too dry. If you are wearing hair extensions, wigs or braids, it is vitally important that you moisturize the exposed hair and scalp daily!! If not, the hair will become so weak that it cannot support or survive the weight of the extensions.

2) What are your putting in your body??? Garbage in equals garbage out….literally!

The most important thing to remember is the role your diet plays in growing and maintaining healthy hair! Our diets play the most significant role in managing hair loss because the hair grows from underneath the scalp. The hair follicle is nourished from the blood flow, which carries nutrients from what you ingest. Drinking enough water, exercising and eating foods rich in iron and other minerals is the key to strong, healthy hair.

3) When was your last trim or hair cut? Do you remember? If you cannot recall the last time that you had a cut or trim, it may be costing you your hair!

When a stylist recommends a trim, it’s not because they just want to cut all of your hair off!!!….it’s because they’ve noticed the ends of your hair is damaged. Broken, damaged hair strands will only continue to split and break all the way up the strand to the scalp. If left unattended, damaged ends will eventually cost you the entire hair strand. It is recommended that you have a trim at least every six to eight weeks. Following a regimen such as visiting your hair stylist regularly, eating a healthy, balanced diet and ensuring you protect your hair from high-tension hair styles can help your mane remain as illustrious as possible!


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