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3 Things You Should Make A Habit of doing right NOW!

Winter is here and ladies we have to prepare and protect the delicate hair, skin and lips from the elements! Lip protection is a must, we speak with them, they’re the first thing people see when they look at that beautiful face and who wants to see crusty, dry lips??? Since the weather is cold, use Lanolin as a natural lip moisturizer. It softens and reduces evaporation which will keep the lips hydrated and for serious dryness, honey will do the trick. You can also use Vaseline by adding to the lips for 10 to 15 minutes and then removing it with a q-tip or cotton swab dipped in hot water.

Now for the face….why is that the most sensitive skin is always the skin exposed? It is very important during winter months to exfoliate the skin on your face and avoid using products with alcohol and opt for a thicker facial moisturizer. For dry skin all over, mix a few drops of olive or grape seed oil in with your bathwater and soak as a moisturizing treatment. One added tip….do not use the same body creams and lotions in the winter months that you use in summer. Summer moisturizers are normally lighter and cannot provide the protection required. Go for the thicker, richer moisturizing formulas.

Well girls…now for our hair! Hair needs extra tender-loving care during the winter, we have cold air, rain, dirt and all sorts of things blowing in the wind so we must be careful. Try not to over do it with shampooing since it strips away all natural oils in the hair. If you have scalp problems or a dry scalp  you can use natural ingredients such as aloe vera plant gel (directly from the plant). It has enzymes that help unclog dead skin cells that plug up the follicles and stop penetrating nutrients. Shea butter is good for soothing the dry scalp without clogging up your pores, it’s rather thick but if mixed with other essential oils it serves as a great moisturizer for the hair and scalp.

I’d like to mention lastly that a healthy diet and exercise is key to achieving great bodily results; this would encourage a more holistic approach to health and beauty.

Take care of those essential parts during the winter months ladies 🙂

Please feel free to share any tips to care for the hair, face and body that you might use that could benefit others.


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