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3 Tips To Becoming More Socially Connected

If you’re like me, you may sometimes find yourself feeling more discouraged as you watch the news and follow updates of world events. It seems like bad news is parked on every corner of life these days through television, radio, news outlets, and social media. With politics, reality tv, personal lives and the stress of work, things can get a little hectic when trying to unwind and relax. You start feeling as though you’ve lost touch with the real world and before you know it you’re sucked in but feeling left out and alone! The internet and social media’s whole purpose is supposed to help people feel more connected, however; it feels like humans are more disconnected than ever before.

The truth is, we all desire human interaction on some level, some a little more than others of course. According to articles written by neuroscientists, “our brains are wired for reaching out and interacting with others.” Those scientists also say that our need for social interaction is deeply ingrained in our DNA. I am an introvert, so I totally thrive from having time alone especially after hanging around with large groups of people. I totally and completely prefer quality relationships over the number of relationships. The major point…..being socially connected can help you in setting boundaries and recognizing your specific personal limits. Here’s a short list of things you could consider as outlets for social interactions and connections.

Arrange face to face interactions. There’s a good chance that people you enjoy spending time with and who support you would love to get together for a few laughs and conversation. It’s so important to create a support circle of individuals who you can count on when you feel disconnected and discouraged. A kind, uplifting word from genuine people can be just what the doctor ordered when you feel overwhelmed and the urge to isolate yourself.

Kick the fear of rejection. Most people are hesitant to attend events where they’ll encounter new people for fear of being rejected. This fear typically comes when we lack self-confidence in our ability to make connections with others occurring as a result of isolation. In these instances, I find that listening more than talking reaps the best outcome until you feel more comfortable.

Join a local social group. There are tons of organizations whose whole focus is to foster human social interaction based on activities of interest. You can search online and chances are, there are likely several in your immediate geographic area. Book and movie clubs, sports, investment clubs, work-out groups, religious or spiritual organizations, classes on topics of interest, some free or paid groups and the list goes on. The purpose of groups such as these is to create a platform where people with at least one thing in common can come together and begin to engage.

There are connections waiting to be made no matter what your hobby or interest. It’s so important that we all form healthy, friendly coalitions outside of our households and work in order to form and sustain a healthy balance.


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