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5 Things you should know before you buy the wig!

The wig craze is here to stay! Wigs have been around for hundreds of years and they have surely evolved and morphed into these masterpieces of creativity! It sure is tempting to go out buy a wig that will surely save time and help you elevate your beauty game a little higher right? Well, probably so but there are a few things you need to know before buying just any ole wig!!!! Below I’m going to outline for you some basic tips before you go out or go online to purchase your beauty in a box.

Tip #1: Do your research to determine the style, length and color of the wig style you think you’d like to wear. Buying wigs online and in-store can become overwhelming because there are so many choices out there! There are hundreds of styles, colors and textures to choose from and walking in blindly may cause more stress than planned.

Tip #2: First things first, you must consider that if you’ve never worn hair extensions of any kind you will most likely feel a little self-conscious in public settings in the beginning. To lighten the anxiety, I would suggest that you wait for initial wear until a weekend day to wear the wig for the first time. This will give you an opportunity to get more comfortable with the fit and look of something different.

Tip #3: If your interest in wearing a wig is to give your hair a rest, consider choosing a style similar to your natural style. Choosing a similar style will lessen the anxiety of wearing a new style in public places.

Tip #4: Forewarn others that you may be changing up your hairstyle if you plan to choose something shockingly different from your normal style! For first-time wig wearers, shocking family and co-workers with a new hairstyle will leave you open to their critique or compliments. You will find yourself seeking approval and validation from others. If they know you’re trying to do something different with your hair beforehand, they’ll be more sensitive with their reactions to your new look.

Tip #5: Plan on visiting a hair stylist upon buying your new wig style! A stylist can advise you as to which hairstyles would compliment your facial shape and features! If you buying a manufactured wig, your stylist can also cut, shape, color and touch up your wig as needed!


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