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How To Get Rid of Split Ends Instantly

Have you ever looked at your hair and wondered if you have split ends or is your hair  just super dry and in need of moisture?

Well now you might be saying, what are split ends and how does your hair become split? If you look at your hair now and the ends of the hair strand literally looks as if it is split into two strands….you have split ends!

Split ends are a result of damage to your hair. This damage can stem from heat, combing, washing, coloring or even wearing a ponytail. The outer layer of the hair (cuticle) starts to peel away leaving hair damaged.

One myth associated with split ends that I hear often says “your hair is not growing when your ends are split” BUT that is not true! You can’t tell that your hair is growing because as the hair continues to grow from the scalp, the ends continue to split up the strand. This will eventually cause breakage.

Here are some tips to help you rid of split ends immediately!

  1. When shampooing the hair, rinse with cold water, cold water seals down the hair cuticle. Hair will be less frizzy and shinier when dry.

  2. Heat some olive oil or coconut oil or almond oil in a microwave for 15 seconds. Apply to hair, massage into scalp and leave on for 45 mins, wash off with luke warm water and mild shampoo.

  3. TRIM the split ends off. Keeping your ends trimmed at least every 3-4 months or 12-16 weeks will help your hair remain healthy and strong.

You will notice an immediate difference in your hair’s appearance and the way it feels when touching it.


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