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Welcome to my Corner

Hi Beauties!

I have a question? Where do you go to get those creative juices flowing? I'd like to think that everyone has that one spot they can go to for a little quiet time and inspiration. Maybe you have a favorite room in the house where you go to watch a good movie, get some downtime? Maybe it's the room with good lighting where you go to do your hair or apply your makeup?

We'll I must admit that I do my best work in my closet! Now I know what you're going to she nuts? A closet? Yes, my closet. I have transformed my closet into a multi-purposed, high-functioning workroom. I do everything in my closet (business, meditate, pray) I watch television, model clothes for my clothing #boutique and more. I have transformed my closet into a photography studio and workroom in addition to the primary place for storing my clothes and shoes!

I know you be asking, "why? don't you have other rooms in your house?" The short answer is yes....I could use other rooms but I use my closet as a multi-purpose room for a few reasons.

Reason (1) I grew up as the youngest child in the #home and I'm not accustomed to sharing my space or my things! Therefore, since my household includes four other people, the chances of someone else entering my space or using my things are pretty high! (2) I can actually sit things down and they still be there when I return. (can anyone relate) I hate wasting time looking for things it's one of my biggest pet peeves. (3) It actually feels like I'm in a different place, a space of my own, a place that no one else has the right to be in. I guess that goes back to that youngest child thing, I have always appreciated having my own space.

Do you have a favorite place or space in your home that gets the creative juices flowing? I hear so many people say that they lose their motivation when they're at home. Finding something in your space that inspires you, and if you don't have that, create a space that inspires you. I would take it a step further and say that it's necessary to build a small, intimate sanctuary in your home. I go into my space to write in my journal and jot down business ideas and once I start they flow so seamlessly.

Find that space, dress it out with things that #inspire you, #calm you and bring you a sense of belonging and #peace.



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