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Attracting What You Desire

Hey friends!

Whether it’s love, money, friends or peace, we have the ability to attract what we want. The first and most important thing for us to realize is that we do, in fact, attract our current circumstances, the good the bad and the ugly! Energy is transferable so therefore we must pay close attention to our thoughts, feelings, and actions since actions are a result of the energy we project. Do you have supportive friends in your life? Are you working your dream job or running the ideal business? Does your bank account reflect a balance equal to your efforts? If you answered no, you must begin to attract the outcomes that you desire by changing your thoughts, feelings, and actions. I put together some action steps that will help you begin to attract your heart’s desires.

  1. Visualize

Visualizing or daydreaming, allows you to form a mental picture of the things you desire. When you think about your next car, relationship or even your ideal career, you’ve probably seen a commercial of someone else with it. Visualizing allows you to see what you want before you actually possess it. This not only applies to physical objects, but you can also visualize how you will look and feel when you have supportive friends. Visualize the freedom you’ll feel when you leave that terrible job to finally work for yourself, how does it look? How will you feel? These are all visualizations. It helps you prepare your mind and physical responses for future events.

2. Work on Yourself

Work on yourself! People often underestimate the power of working on the “self.” You might say, I don’t need to work on myself, it’s everyone else who has the problem! In a perfect world, it’s everyone else’s fault but truthfully, we’re all in a constant state of evolution and change. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can wear us down and dull our sense of awareness. The stress of trying to balance everything at once can lead down a dark road to a point of no return. Truthfully, if we would focus on ourselves and the way we feel physically, mentally and emotionally we could make huge progress in becoming who we are meant to be. Making small adjustments will have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself. Prepare yourself for the life you want by setting boundaries that will help to hold you accountable. Be kind to yourself but be realistic about the things that prevent you from functioning at your highest level.

3. Celebrate The Success Of Others

Now I know you might ask what the success of others has to do with my own? I can assure you that when one person wins, we all win! I am inspired by the success of others because it reminds me that it can happen for me as well. Cheering on and supporting the success of other people immediately propels the efforts of your own endeavors. The energy used to feel love and support for your friends, family or colleagues circulates the atmosphere and makes a deposit right back into you. Celebrating the success of others lifts your vibration to another level and solidifies your connection to the things you desire the most.

In times where I have worked hard trying to force success is where I have experienced the greatest failure. I’ve learned that my greatest accomplishments come at times when I least expect it. My philosophy is that we should let our hearts shine through all that we do and let our work speak for itself. These two things alone will attract every resource you will need in order to be successful.


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