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Why I Became A Hair Stylist

Two words, “Instant Transformation” People often ask me why I became a hair stylist and the most obvious answer is because I love working with hair! But my “Why” is much deeper than that, I gain real satisfaction from seeing a woman’s attitude about herself change for the better! I realized at a very young age that a person’s hair is deeply connected to identity and how we express ourselves. Admit it….you can leave your house dressed in clothes that don’t compliment anything about you but if your hair is cute, confidence is not an issue. I do it too…I’ll throw on some sweats and sneakers to run errands and if my makeup and hair are on point, I’m good! When I was a kid, I would go to the hair salon to have my hair done as I sat there, I witnessed the instant mental and physical transformation along with the instant attitude of every woman leaving the chair…. it was instant magical! It was obvious to me that I wanted to do that!

After becoming a hairstylist, I quickly realized that my role comes with many other responsibilities. I’m a therapist, a career advisor, a shoulder to cry on, a part-time babysitter, a voice of reason, a friend and more! A hair stylist can wear many hats and we do it gladly because our main goal is to ensure that women leave the salon better than they came. We look forward to seeing our clients each and every time. From the time they sit in the chair until they leave, our only focus is on the transformation!

The relationship between a stylist and her clients become sisterhoods and friendships. I became a hair stylist because I wanted to help women see their best reflection every day and that hasn’t changed!



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